Youth Workshop on Saturday, Dec 5th 2020

2020-12-01 16:40

Youth Workshop

Instructor: Jay Han (Training Coordinator at NYCH)

When: Saturday, December 5th, 12PM-2PM

How: Zoom Meeting

What: Championing your authenticity

The talk is about embracing who you are as a person – the good, bad, and ugly. In our lives, we often encounter comparisons against the social norms or peers. Although, such comparisons can sometimes produce a healthy dose of motivation, but there is a danger of losing your own light. And the real danger is when we fall victim to the feeling of ‘not good enough’. In psychiatry, this behaviour is called cognitive dissonance, and it is one major contributing factor to depression and anxiety. I argue that each and every one of us is unique and has idiosyncratic qualities; thus, should embrace who he or she is as a whole person.

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