Experience the E-module of Healthy Gaming Tips for Parents by COSTI

2023-03-15 14:05
Young people live their lives online, often playing video games. According to the “Real Canadian Gamers Essential Facts 2020”
  • 90% of kids and teens in Ontario play video games.
  • Average age of kid-and-teen gamers in Ontario is 12.
  • Kids and teens in ON play an average of 13.5 hours per week.
Gaming can provide kids and teens with fun, learning, and development opportunities but there are also risks to their safety, mental, and physical health to consider. 

COSTI Immigrant Services has a short emodule for parents, teachers and caregivers to understand gaming options and tips for healthy gaming.

Click on the link to access the e-module:

COSTI Immigrant Services | Tips for Healthy Gaming (

The Resources section has downloadable Information Sheets in English, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese on:
  1. Understanding Gaming
  2. Benefits and Risks of Gaming
  3. 10 Tips for Healthy Gaming
This project was funded by the Government of Ontario.

The following is sample photos of e-module:

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