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2022-01-06 16:23
Latest statistics reveal that 1 in 4 Korean Canadians experience mental health problems at some point in their life, with the age at which mental health challenges first occur is getting younger and younger. While there have been great strides at raising awareness about mental health and illnesses, there is still widespread stigma and a lack of understanding of mental illnesses, their causes and treatments. Woori Maum Korean Canadian Mental Health Association (Woori Maum) aims to reduce stigma towards mental illness, enhance well being and raise awareness about mental health in the Korean Canadian Community.

In April of 2013, a small group of Korean Canadian mental health professionals gathered together at the residence of Dr. Samuel Noh and his wife, Kyoung-Ai Noh. Together, they identified that culturally and linguistically appropriate resources were not being made available to support Korean Canadians living with mental illness. Although the number of Korean Canadian workers in mental health professions had grown, there had yet to be a coordinating body bringing working professionals together and coordinating their responses and resources for the community.

Today, Woori Maum is made of both mental health professionals and advocates putting together resources and sharing them with the community. Current initiatives focus on providing resources and information to Korean Canadian youth and their caregivers. Woori Maum members work towards reducing stigma against mental illness and enhancing well being by creating safe spaces to talk about mental health and by normalizing discussions around mental illness.

To date, Woori Maum has been sending information about mental health events and community-wide activities throughout the Greater Taronto Area. Members of Woori Maum also organize their own workshops, talks, and seminars; build partnerships with other Korean Canadian community organizations; promote mental health research and development; translate mental health information into Korean; and connect Korean Canadians with Korean-speaking mental health professionals serving the Greater Toronto Area. Woori Maum members were the first to compile a directory of Korean-Speaking mental health professionals to share with the community.

Today,the board is made of myself (Marianne Noh, Chair), Harriet Kim (Programs Director), Aileen Song (Communications Director), and Ga Hye Erica Jeong (Administrations Director). Since the board was formed in 2017, we have carried out a number of activities and events to support Korean Canadian youth. As nutrition is essentially tied with mental health, we've hosted 3 Woori Communal Table events. As yoga is well-known to promote well being, we hosted our first Woori Yoga event. And finally, we hosted a 'Redefining Success* event for youth transitioning from school to work. Through these activities we continue to meet new people who want talk about these issues or who want to know more. We meet Korean Canadians who want to educate themselves and those around them. We aim to have our activities and events empower Korean Canadians to seek the help they want and need.

Woori Maum translates to "Our Heart | Our Mind", which sums up our mission to approach the mental health conversation compassionately and collectively. Woori Maum provides support to, while also depending on, our community. You can also contribute to our mission by asking questions, sharing experiences, and being compassionate and caring to those around you. Let us reduce stigma against mental illness and raise awareness for mental health together.

Chair. Marianne Noh
Woori Maum Korean Canadian Mental Health

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