EARS Project: Launching Day

EARS Project: Launching Day



Auditorium Room in Korean Canadian Cultural Association Of Metropolitan Toronto (1133 Leslie St, North York, ON M3C 2J6)


6 hours of volunteer hours for youth

Additional Note

Free lunch will be provided.


Ears Project is a project that offers education regarding both IT technology and life skills. It combines cutting-edge IT technology with pleasant offline activities.

EARS Project Schedule:

  • Leadership Training (August 8-9th, 2022)
    • A one-day retreat program to train leaders for the successful implementation of the Ears project.
  • Launching Day (August 27th, 2022)
    • Launching Day for recruitment and providing information
  • E-Animation Class (September – October 2022)
    • Using desktop/mobile software such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe ProCreate, we will create an animation portfolio in a video file and submit. $20 Fee Required.
  • Educational Workshops (September – October 2022)
    • Video Star: Technological education workshop using the Video Star app
    • Stressed Out: Education workshop on coping mechanisms during stressful situations (KRQ test)
    • EQ Test & Resilient Skills: Workshop on how to identify emotions and regulate emotional situations using the EQ test
    • Self Care: Learning how to cope with difficulties and life.
  • Vision Board (February 2023)
    • Vision board workshop to empower youth to visualize and realize their dreams and encourage taking control of their futures
  • Community Day (June 2023)
    • 40 youth, 20 parents 30 community members or workers, will participate in the Community Day.

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