SEY Project

Musical Performance Workshop

Launching Day

November 13, 2020 at 2 pm

DATE: Every Tuesday Weekly

Performance Day

March 6, 2021


Seminar room at FUTFS, or virtual activity (Zoom)

Participants who have completed the Memoir, Expressive Art, Dance and Sing Along Workshops through the SEY project, and those who newly want to experience voluntarily participate in the musical. The script is completed through the memoir workshop, and Cameo Theater’s professional group conducts the series of the musical workshop as a facilitator. The purpose of musicals is to 1) learn theories about what musicals and plays are, 2) empower senior expression skills and abilities through musicals, and 3) maximize senior expression skills through creating the process of actually performing musicals. This workshop is gathered as a performance group (music, dance, theater, performance, art), from people who do not know musicals to those who have experiences, through expressing the passion, vision, and enthusiasm of their lives, through each other.

By learning and sharing, especially by raising their potential and accepting differences, sublimating them into one work and performing them as an example of overcoming the crisis to the Korean Canadian community and Canadian society stagnated by COVID-19.

Later, we will be holding “Community Day”, a fundraising event while celebrating the end of the SEY Project: Musical Performance Workshop (see poster below).

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