Youth Facilitator Training

FUTFS is recruiting youth leaders to train them in the skills needed to organize and execute programs and projects. This activity involves small groups that provide experience and practice in planning actual events and activities.

9 Volunteer Hours will be provided!

Youth Talent Show 2024

The Youth Talent Show provides an opportunity for young people to showcase their unique abilities, thereby enhancing their self-esteem and confidence, which are essential life skills.

We look forward to your participation.

Expressive Art Class IV: Art Open Studio

Students will have the opportunity to explore various artistic techniques and learn how to express their emotions and experiences through art. In an inclusive and supportive environment, each student will discover their unique creative expression and find their true self.

We look forward to your participations.

Mind & Motion 2024

A two weeks youth summer program designed to educate and empower youth through various volunteer programs. This youth volunteer program provides a chance for youth to get together and gain a sense of achievement while participating in the public and doing outdoor activities.

50 Volunteer Hours, certificate of Completion will be provided!

Family Growth (Family Counseling)

Families seeking preventive family counseling through expert-guided and heartfelt conversations for the mental health and happiness of their loved ones, please apply. We are here to support you.

We look forward to your participation.


You will enjoy conversations in English with different people in a small group.


FUTFS offers a range of counselling services for those in distress, career, or in need of emotional support.

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Toronto Korean Community FUTFS assists individuals and families from all walks of life to overcome cultural, emotional, and psychological barriers through a wide range of counselling and educational services and programs.





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