English Cafe

English Cafe



Instructor Introduction​

Heather Sheldrick, English Cafe Instructor

  • Retired School Teacher

FUTFS provides weekly meetings and education classes for volunteers to train them to meet the requirements requested by both the Korean Canadian and Canadian Society. The English Café focuses on increasing English skills of participants through continuous English classes and conversations. The other one is a Singalong class which performs at places such as nursing homes and group agencies where it is needed after regular practices. We welcome all the participants who are interested in these meetings and activities. Especially, we recruit singalong group volunteers who can provide outreach services to weak and isolated individuals, groups, organizations, and nursing homes. By looking back to activities in 2019, We are reminded of the genuine and right spirit of volunteering which can be obtained by sharing with others pleasantly. Although we cannot share lots of things, we experience how the small happiness and pleasantness are so important in making life feel meaningful and worthwhile.

There are lots of things in the qualifications of volunteers, but we learn 4 necessary qualifications through the classes:

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