Counselling Services

FUTFS offers a range of counselling services for those in distress, career, or in need of emotional support.

We provide counselling services as all possible ways as possible such as Zoom, email, phone, etc for any regions in Canada, and additionally provide in-person counselling for Toronto only. Our counselling services are free or sliding scale fees.

Telephone counselling (24-hour distress line)

A trained counsellor is available at (416) 241-5456, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to listen to and provide emotional support to those who may be experiencing grief, loneliness, illness, conflict or other crisis in their lives or in the lives of a loved one. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Individual counselling

In individual counselling sessions, the client has the opportunity to talk through any difficulties that they may be experiencing with respect to family, work or school. The counsellor and client will together attempt to find solutions to overcome the problems or address coping strategies through discussions and realistic plans of action.

Family counselling

Provides family counselling services to help support families experiencing mental health challenges or marital conflicts within the home. In particular, counselling is provided for gambling, alcohol, porn addiction and the mental difficulties of veterans and their families.

Our family counselling sessions are designed to help:

• Improve parent-teen relationships

• Build strong family relations

• Deal with addictions

• Teach coping skills

• Add to existing parenting skills

• Adjust to the death or birth of a family member

Group counselling

In group counselling sessions, individuals are invited to share his or her thoughts and stories with a group of peers who have similar concerns. A trained counsellor will guide the group through common problems and attempt to find healthy, positive means to resolve them. Group settings also allow for interactions between group members which can serve as important mechanisms for emotional release and healing.

Career counselling
(Career Education & Development)

FUTFS provides a career counselling field for searching jobs and careers among various counselling services.  Our career counsellors will help you discover your ideal career and find the right job. Job seekers achieve their career goals with our free one-on-one career counselling services with interview coaching. career coaching. resume Writing. job search support, and second career coaching, etc.

Outreach counselling services

We also offer our counselling services through outreach. Our counselling staff can travel outside of our offices to provide services to clients that encounter access barriers of any kind. We can also accompany clients to various locations to provide moral support and/or to act as interpreters. Outreach counselling service is available to those in Greater Toronto Area only.

Problem Gambling Project with CAMH

Gambling means risking something of value when there is an element of chance associated with an outcome. If someone is classified as a problem gambler, it means he or she has patterned gambling behaviors that may compromise, disrupt or damage family, personal, employment or educational pursuits. A trained counsellor is available for those experiencing any signs of problem gambling at (416) 241-5456.

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