History & Activity

FUTFS' Service History and Areas of Activity

For You Telecare Family Service (FUTFS) provides a wide range of counselling services for children, youth, parents, seniors, single parents, and families. FUTFS provides education and training for leadership development and appropriate volunteerism. FUTFS provides outreach services to help and visit sick and isolated people in Korean-Canadian communities by collaborating with other social services agencies as partners in the GTA. FUTFS assists individuals and families from all walks of life to overcome cultural, emotional, and psychological barriers through a wide range of counselling and educational services and programs.

FUTFS Improves the quality and reach of programs and services through ongoing assessments of the community’s needs and enhances the capacity and resilience of the community by training and mobilizing teams of passionate and confident community leaders and volunteers. FUTFS establishes a sustainable social support infrastructure within the community through collaboration with other non-profit groups and mainstream social service agencies.

In collaboration with other social service organizations, FUTFS raises awareness of social issues and supports clients in the community through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and gradual integration of newcomers into Canadian society. FUTFS works in partnership with other social service organizations to enhance the overall quality of mental and physical health amongst the community of community members through counselling, training, workshops, outreach, and other activities.

Over the past two decades, For You Telecare Family Service (FUTFS), as a charitable and volunteer-driven organization, has provided programs and services to the Korean-Canadian community.
FUTFS has developed a variety of programs, services and projects for new immigrants (i.e., parents, families, seniors, children, and youth) without funding or with partial funding, instead of core funding. Therefore, we have the capacity to develop appropriate programs and services for the Korean-Canadian community.
We provide newcomer counselling services and translation and interpretation services as well as resource information to enable their smooth economic and social integration into Canadian society. We help newcomers improve their language abilities through our English Café Class and English Sing-Along Classes.
FUTFS has held many activities and workshops on mental health issues that are essential for newcomers. In addition, we have a professional therapist who has counselled individuals, groups and families, so related programs and services can be provided by our agency.

We have a lot of connections and network with other organizations. We have held many training workshops in partnership with other small groups or organizations in the Korean-Canadian community.
It is important to increase accessibility with cultural competence. The idea of social services and counselling services for Korean-Canadians can be seen as shameful. So it is important that they make good use of social and family services from the very beginning of their arrival in Canada.
By increasing accessibility, we can prevent the types of crises newcomers face and struggle with. Even if many services are provided for new immigrants, unless the services are translated or interpreted properly, they will be unable to access services and will be slow to adapt to Canadian society or will not live an active immigrant’s life.
A referral system in integrated services is needed. If an organization is small, it cannot do it all. Therefore, it is necessary to create an integrated referral service system provided by a large organization so that services can be effectively utilized.
Our strengths and potential power is in our ability to provide appropriate and best programs, services, and practices with cultural competencies, especially for new immigrants.