Distress Line Service

FUTFS offers Distress crisis-intervention line services as all possible ways as possible for those in distress or in need of emotional support.

Distress Line Services

Telephone Distress Line (24-hour)

A trained counsellor is available at (416) 241-5456, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days an year to listen to and provide emotional support to those who may be experiencing grief, loneliness, illness, conflict or other crisis in their lives or in the lives of a loved one. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Chat Distress Line

Our website will be functioning as the Distress Line Centre where you can easily contact our trained counselors using the chat at the bottom left of the website. This is a real-time service like a phone that our staffs will continue to reply to you immediately once the conversation starts.

Email Distress Line

If you want to get distress line services slowly over a long period of time, this is your option. We ensure that our experienced staff is on-going to respond whenever time permits. We recommend this if you have a problem that doesn’t get resolved quickly.

Text Distress Line

It operates in a manner and for a purpose similar to email. If you are not comfortable with email, you can get distress line services from us by text message instead.

Our distress line services can help you

  • Reduction of stress
  • Managing seizures caused by anxiety or fear
  • Relief of depression
  • Recovering from a traumatic event
  • Control your emotional reactions
  • Management of anger and domestic violence cases
  • Organize your thoughts and emotions
  • Increased self-confidence and self-identity
  • Dealing with conflict and stress at work/school
  • Overcoming fear/shame and social anxiety
  • Overcoming gambling or drug addiction
  • Learn to relax or meditate
  • Unleash your potential
  • Increased mental strength
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Management after a great grief or loss
  • Adaptation after separation or divorce
  • Acceptance after the death of a loved one

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