Volunteering for the past 4 years...

2021-12-13 12:53
I would like to reflect period of time as a volunteer at FUTFS for the past 4 years.

I came to Canada empty handed like the most of first generation immigrant 46 years ago. Before I came here, I was very determined that I would make my dreams come true despite of any obstacles in the way. However, there were many more unexpected troubles waiting for me when I landed in real. My life became more challenging as the time passed by and I was not the only one who was experiencing this hardship. My wife and I have struggled a lot to carry on with the new life in a new place. Now I am proud to say that we have made it through facing the challenges 365 days a year.

As a return of hard work, I managed to make my family wealthy and my children grew up well with a lot of privileges and education, and became healthy citizens in Canadian Society. In my opinion, if you had a chance to receive many privileges to succeed in your life, you should make good use out of your life and recontribute back to others. I think there are two distinct advantages living in Canada. The first one is having clean water and the other is having more volunteers than any other countries in the world.

I often think about what I should do for the rest of my life. One day, when I saw the beautiful smiles of volunteers on Newspaper and TV, I started to wonder what made them smile that much. I questioned what made them so happy and contented. Can a volunteering work make people so satisfied?

With that question in mind, I contacted FUTFS to inquire about the volunteering work, not having much confidence about what I can do for others.

Surprisingly, I received the answer, saying that there are many things I can do for the agency, so I started to work once a week since then. We even have organized and run a Sing-Along and Outreach Counselling Program. I am willing to reach out and help if there is anybody needing any kind of help.

There is a different sense of rewards and happiness in doing the volunteer work for others, rather than for my own family. Shouldn't we pay attention to take care of outsiders and lonely people in our society? I have experienced greater happiness when I try to share the love with others, rather than when I try to receive one. I also enjoyed the Sing-Along Program in a great deal. A group of about 10 seniors have had opportunities to enjoy singing out loud with bright smiles and positive energy on their lovely faces.

Unlike the rule of mathematics, we get to gain more things in our life when we share with others.

There is no complement, recognition or economic reward for doing the volunteer work. However, the power of little helping hands would eventually reach out to the areas of those who are in needs, little by little. I am certain that all these volunteering work would serve as a great foundation to building a stronger and healthier society of Canada. When we increase the number of lit candles one one, it becomes brighter and brighter. Would you be interested in lighting the candle of others' life?

We need courage in order to receive or give help. FUTFS provides Training Programs for volunteers twice a year. We are here to support all of you as volunteers. I encourage you to try and support a life time of experience with us!

Kwan Sik Moon

Volunteer Coordinator

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