FUTFS Newsletter 30 (September 2023)

2023-09-11 16:07

For You Telecare Family Service (FUTFS) assists individuals and families from all walks of life to overcome cultural, emotional, and psychological barriers through a wide range of counselling and educational services and programs. In collaboration with other social service organizations, we raises awareness of social issues and supports clients in the community through the progression of a healthy lifestyle and gradual integration into Canadian society.The projects we provide at FUTFS are for anyone who is willing or interested in participating. Anyone can easily register through our website (

Programs & Services in Sep 2023

1. Expressive Art Workshop

Expressive Arts Workshop for youth provides an opportunity to unlock their creativity and start their journey in self-discovery and personal growth. Through art, youth have the opportunity to:

  • Express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences
  • Release emotions and gain clarity
  • Develop a deeper understanding of themselves
  • Cultivates a sense of accomplishment which increases self-confidence and empowers youth to embrace their unique talents and strengths
  • Alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being

2. English Cafe

FUTFS holds an English cafe class every Tuesday from 10:30 to 12:00 to improve volunteers' upgraded English speaking skills. Participants in this class will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face at the Young Center Plus to chat and speak English. The class held every Tuesday from 10:30am - 12pm led by Instructor Heather Sheildrick.

3. EAHA Project: Society Where Seniors Smile

EAHA is a project that allows seniors to look back on their lives where they could not participate in activities because of the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This project allows for seniors to partcipate in balanced education, training and activities. We aim to create a healthy community that alleviates difficulties seniors face. EAHA project will be running untill March 2024.

4. Annual General Meeting 2023

During this event, we will showcase various projects and activities that took place throughout the 2022-2023 fiscal year. We will discuss how we operated, outline our future plans for programs and services for the Korean-Canadian community, and engage in conversations about the required services. We kindly invite you to join us and actively participate and support us to ensure our continuous growth and vibrant activities.

5. The 40th Counselling Education & Volunteer Training Program

The 40th Counseling Education and Volunteer Training Program is open to anyone interested. Upon completing the '40th Counseling Education and Volunteer Training Program,' participants will have the opportunity to engage in various activities and advanced counseling education programs. Over the course of this 8th edition, attendees will learn from invited lecturers, engage in group activities, share their opinions and life experiences, and acquire the necessary skills for ethical volunteerism and counseling in both social and family life. Through group sharing, they will learn how to apply these skills, not only at the FUTFS but also in Canadian society, providing practical assistance to those in need. This program also offers a chance to gain expertise in appropriate communication and building relationships.

6. Youth Leaders Group

We are looking for Youth Leaders Group Members. Youth Leaders Group is a small group activity, and a group in which leaders gather together to practice their skills as leaders through the process of planning, execution, and evaluation of how to implement youth activities and projects. Volunteer hours, certificates, reference letter, and dinner will be provided.

7. Counselling Service

FUTFS offers a range of counselling services for those in distress, career, or in need of emotional support. We provide counselling services as all possible ways as possible such as Zoom, email, phone for any regions in Canada, and additionally provide in-person counselling for Toronto only such as telephone counseling, individual counseling, family counseling, outreach and more.


Guidelines for Parents Regarding Children's Use of AI

In the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming integral to daily life. This necessitates parents' thoughtful consideration of their children's responsible and safe AI use. While AI aids education, entertainment, and communication, reckless usage can yield adverse consequences. This overview will explore parental guidance for children's AI utilization.

Initially, parents must be cautious of AI-provided information misuse. Proper filtration and avoidance of uncritically sharing AI-generated data are vital. Instant access without scrutiny can undermine logical thinking and judgment. Although basic facts are readily available from sources like ChatGPT, AI struggles to offer deeper insights. AI's information may lack clarity or be outdated, mandating reliability assessment.

Secondly, parents should prevent excessive AI content addiction. The way AI is employed significantly affects its impact. Overreliance on activities like video watching and gaming can hamper judgment and problem-solving skills. Addressing this requires limiting screen time and discouraging reliance on AI for solutions. Parental encouragement is pivotal in preventing addiction.

Thirdly, supporting problem-solving skills enhances children's creativity and learning. AI cannot replicate human creativity. Parents should foster independent problem-solving and engagement in creative tasks. While AI operates on commands, it can't replicate human-generated ideas. Encouraging activities that nurture creativity and limiting AI usage foster learning and independence.

Creating an environment that nurtures accurate communication is fourth. Smart device overuse neglects interpersonal communication's importance. Communication via devices can erode interpersonal skills. Parents should limit device use and engage in quality time to enhance children's communication skills and vocabulary.

Artificial Intelligence's influence is profound, offering benefits and risks. While facilitating learning and play, improper use can be harmful. Hence, parents' proper guidance is crucial in ensuring children's responsible AI engagement.

Sean Hwang (CSJ Worker)

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