Suicide Prevention Project

Suicide Prevention Project



Suicide Is Preventable

Many factors and circumstances can contribute to someone’s decision to end his or her life. People who experience suicidal thoughts and feelings are suffering from tremendous emotional pain. People who have died by suicide typically had overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, despair, and helplessness. Suicide is not a moral weakness or a character flaw. People who consider suicide feel as though their pain will never end, and that suicide is the only way to stop the suffering.

Prevention, intervention, and post-involvement are three areas that focus on working in suicide.

They can be understood after experiencing suicidal thoughts and actions. Everyone has a role in preventing suicide in one or more of these areas. You don’t have to be an expert. You need to take care of yourself and know how to help others evacuate safely if necessary. Many factors and circumstances can contribute to someone’s decision to end his or her life.

Let’s have the opportunity to prevent suicide prevention education, training, and practice.

Suicide can be prevented and there is a role for people nearby. FUTFS offers a variety of training on suicide prevention. You can contribute to suicide prevention by receiving suicide prevention campaigns, education and practice together. Many factors and situations can contribute to deciding to end someone’s life. In training, we learn how to recognize warning signals and how to talk about and prevent suicide. Find out how to recognize the warning signs and learn the skills for suicide prevention and participation in education and training.

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