Youth Mentoring Program

Youth Mentoring Program


Jan 26th - March 23th (1 time per week, 6PM-8PM, every Tuesday), 2021.


Zoom Meeting


To learn following skills:


This program has three different components: Mentor Training Program, Mentee Trainee Program, and Mentoring Connection Program.  The two components of the program, Mentor Training Program and Mentee Training Program, are basic training programs for the mentor participants and mentee participants to learn about their roles in the Mentoring Program. 

The ultimate purpose of the program is for the mentors and mentees. The mentors had similar experiences and challenges when they were growing up, most likely they can provide more appropriate sharing and caring for their mentees. Have fun and enjoy each other.

It is important that youth mentees with mentors enjoy a relationship of mutual trust through support, encouragement, and coaching.  FUTFS assists the mentors and mentees in developing their abilities as emerging leaders. The results of mentoring goals to be achieved in the next generation are obtained through mentees.

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