ACCESS Project: For the Senior Well-Being

ACCESS Project: For the Senior Well-Being



The ACCESS (Accessibility of Connected Care and Empowerment for Senior Synergy) Project, funded by a grant from the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) in 2022, is scheduled to be completed in March 2023. The Launch Day was held in May 2022. Through this program, in accordance with the government’s regulations and guidelines related to COVID-19, we hope to increase the ability and capacity of the elderly to cope with mental health problems by increasing their EQ and resilience through online and virtual activities, offline individual interviews, and small group meetings. As well, by providing opportunities to connect and share with other leaders through coaching services, we want to train volunteer leaders so that individuals or small groups can develop and grow. Through encounters with isolated and lonely elderly people, a manual booklet on healthy living will be distributed, which will focus on reducing and alleviating stress and mental difficulties, and provide opportunities to share life through one-on-one interviews.

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