EARS Project: E-Animation Class

EARS Project: E-Animation Class



Who Can Participate

Rewards Upon Completion

This program is open to all youths or college students, and is free. It will hold for a total of 10 sessions. David Lee, Director of animation at Bauhaus Academy of Fine Arts, will lead the program. Below is the instructor’s biography.

David Lee

  • Director of animation at Bauhaus Academy of Fine Arts
  • Graduated at Sheridan College Animation (BDes)
  • Deluxe Animation Studio Animator
  • Animation, Figure Drawing Teaching

This program may include topics such as:

  • Basic Perspective, Form, Structure
  • Bouncing Ball Animation
  • S and C curve Animation
  • Character Rotation
  • Character Exploration: through Shape, Silhouette, Anatomy, Personality
  • Character Expression
  • Room / Layout Drawing Rough
  • Room / Layout Drawing Clean
  • Intermediate / Advanced Animation Topics

Please refer to the following two images of portfolio related to the program.

We will look forward to your many participations!

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