ECAV Project: Art Campaign for Violence Against Women

ECAV Project: Art Campaign for Violence Against Women



In the past, our organization, For You Telecare Family Service (FUTFS), worked in preventing domestic abuse with COSTI and OCASI. We provided educational workshops and presentations. Additionally, some group participants shared their stories of being victims of domestic abuse. Furthermore, we conducted workshops to create videos on how to prevent domestic abuse. We also implemented a project on preventing domestic abuse. All participants had an opportunity to participate in the campaign. They shared personal stories and struggles relating to gender-based violence.

Participants also shared tips on how to develop their resilient skills. Additionally,

one young adult group took part in video-creating workshops where they were taught how to create educational and campaign videos on how to prevent domestic abuse and gender-based violence.

In this this VAW project, we will:

  • Get young adult leaders to hold meetings to discuss how our community can tackle gender-based violence with slogans on T-shirts.
  • Teach youth about healthy relationships, talk to schools in our area to see what we can do to help.
  • Start a support group for victim-related violence by wearing ribbons or designing a bracelet that identifies our cause.
  • Design posters where project participants can draw their ideas and expressions themselves with the help of professional artists.
  • Paint a mural about gender-based violence on a wall in a public area while making sure we ask for permission first.
  • Compose a song and performance against violence and perform it in public or at other organizations.

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