Family Funday & Healthy Walkathon (May 2024)

Family Funday & Healthy Walkathon (May 2024)


May 25th 2024, Saturday


Sunnybrook Park (1132 Leslie St, Toronto, ON, M3C 3L7)

Participation Fee

Individual or family tickets can be purchased for admission, and can be purchased on-site on the day of the event. This cost includes meals.
* Participation fee is waived for youth volunteers and childs under 5 years old.


From children to the elderly, the whole family is welcomed to attend, where people can participate and share the preciousness and love of family and have pride in the Korean culture.

For You Telecare Family Service is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals and families of all backgrounds in overcoming cultural and psychological barriers through counseling services, educational programs, and volunteer activities. Our Family Day event is an annual family gathering and fundraising event hosted by us. It’s a great opportunity for everyone, from young children to seniors, to participate in various activities together and enjoy quality time with their families. We hope that many people will join us to share the preciousness of family and love, and to connect with other families.

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