FUTFS Bazaar/Flea Market 2024

FUTFS Bazaar/Flea Market 2024

Bazaar/Flea Market Date

Donation Item Collection Schedule


Edithvale Community Centre (131 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2N 2H8)


Event Overview:

  • Organizing a bazaar through item donations
  • Encouragement through talented performances
  • Sharing inspiration through an art exhibition
  • Promoting a barter movement
  • Efforts to bridge generational gaps
  • Unity within the Korean diaspora community

This event, led by For You Telecare Family Service, combines a bazaar, flea market, and Community Day with participation from all generations. It’s a collaborative volunteer event across generations where children, youth, parents, and seniors come together to share experiences and knowledge, discussing healthy living. The event includes lectures, musical performances, choir, dance, talent shows, and features health check stations by nursing students, an art and crafts exhibition for children, and a Korean food corner for fundraising on the day.

The event provides a venue for participants and collects a participation fee ($30 per family). The proceeds will be donated to programs for youth with developmental challenges at For You Telecare Family Service (*Profits from personal sales by participants in the bazaar/flea market are considered personal). Participants can join through pre-registration, and volunteers for the organizing committee are also being recruited. For those interested in making donations or with other inquiries, please contact us via the phone or email below. Ongoing volunteer applications from many youth and adults are welcomed, and we appreciate your interest and participation.

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