Mind & Motion 2022

Mind & Motion 2022


August 2nd ~ 12th, 2022 (excluding Saturdays/Sundays), 9AM - 3PM


This program will be sometimes conducted as an online zoom meeting, but mostly offline activities (including outdoor volunteer activities, overnight training, etc.)

Rewards Upon Completion

50 Volunteer Hours, Certificate of Completion

The Mind-Motion Volunteer Program is a youth summer program designed to educate and empower youth through various volunteer programs. This two-week program includes volunteer training that provides a framework to assist volunteers in activities that are done in collaboration with other organizations which includes but is not limited to Evergreen, Senior Citizen’s Society, and Second base.

Trained and active youth members volunteer during the summer months in different areas of Toronto. This youth volunteer program provides a chance for youth to get together and gain a sense of achievement while participating in the public and doing outdoor activities. The Mind-Motion Program concludes each year with an overnight camping trip that allows participants to reflect back on all the activities that they took part in.

In 2018, Haedeun and Megan had lead and organized, proceeded with Mind and Motion. 13 students participated and volunteered at Green Thumbs, Good Shepherd, Better Living, St. Felix Center, and Woodbine Beach Park Cleaning Day. This year, Mind and Motion students were especially trained in storytelling and video making for the ONE PIECE and SEED projects.

Overview of M&M 2022

Mind and Motion 2022 will take place from August 2th to August 12th, online through Zoom plus offline activities. Through interactive training, orientation, and community placements, students will be able to learn how to become active leaders in their communities, learn career-building skills, and foster long-term friendships. It is important to note that community placements will only be done if it is safe to do so and may be substituted with education.

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