Meditation, the way of life

2020-11-26 14:42

Meditation, the way of life

The social and financial instability brought up by the pandemic covid-19 has increased the awareness of the role of the meditation as an important tool to cope with deteriorating mental health issues. However, the misunderstanding of the meditation has been hindering the full benefit in everyday life.

I would like to discuss the assets and close relationship of meditation in daily practice.

The common misconcept of the meditation is that it can be practiced only by small group of mystics based on certain religious dogmas. However, every one of us does practice meditation routinely without even realising it. You may have experienced moments of feeling calm and peaceful while reflecting inner-self in the nature or resting alone. Even though they may come as only a brief moment and quickly disappear, these experiences symbolise the path and the final goals of the meditation, that is understnding the essence and the true nature of ourselves, which is the peace and tranquility void of any worldly concerns or judgements. This is the meaning and the purpose of Meditation, remaining aware and connected with the true self and the surroundings.

There is no need for a specific location or fixed length of time to practice meditation. Everyone is encouraged to explore and find own path suitable to their own self. It is sufficient to allow a couple of minutes to focus entire attention to self and observe how the self is feeling. Joy or sorrow, anxiety or nervousness, worries or calmness? Often times you may not be able to put a name to your own feelings, but it is not necessary at all. You should stay with whatever feeling manifesting at the moment. You must refrain from exaggerating joyous feeling, or from suppressing sad feeling. Just allow it to surface from deep unconscious domain and acknowledge it, any stay with it as if the patient and loving mother comforting her sad child. The unconditional acceptance of the unrecognized self without any prejudice will bring us to the closer understanding.

The realization of true self based on the correct knowledge and the daily practice of the meditation will grant us the peaceful and joyous life.
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