5 Best Youth Volunteer Opportunities in Toronto 2023

2023-06-16 13:13

5 Best Youth Volunteer Opportunities in Toronto 2023

Volunteering is not only an act of service to others but is itself a special experience. For the youths that have decided to give their time and effort, their contribution is priceless. Through these acts of kindness, you can touch countless lives, interact with others, and obtain professional experience. Canada has an extensive support system and service culture for communities. Those that are interested in or are seeking a volunteer opportunity in Toronto, here are the five exciting places to get started.
Figure 1. Nine different color hands are raising with volunteer words on top.

Youth Mentoring Program 2023 – FUTFS

FUTFS mentoring program offers mental, educational, and career support for mentees. Throughout the program, mentors can share challenges, experiences, and life visions with mentees. Participants will improve interpersonal skills, teamwork, and creativity through sharing their experiences. FUTFS also provides a variety of programs that people can join online as well. They have an English Café, family forum day, an essential arts campaign for violence against women, accessibility of connected Care and Empowerment for senior synergy, a base project, and an emergency counselling program as well.

Figure 2. Arts-related volunteer programs. FUTFS has volunteer programs in a variety of fields, not just the arts.

Baycrest Youth Volunteer Program – Baycrest

Baycrest hospital is focused on special health care services for seniors. There are five different volunteer roles: health information, eating assistance, visitors, musicians, and program escort. Students will get proper training before they approach the patients so that they can learn how to interact with older adults with professional knowledge from the staff. If you want to explore healthcare services, this is a great opportunity to learn about and gain experience in the industry.

Figure 3. Welcome Ceremony of Baycrest Youth Volunteer Program

Auxiliary Volunteer Program – Toronto Police Service

Youth who want to contribute to the community can apply for Toronto Police Service programs. This volunteering opportunity will teach leadership skills by serving the community as part of society. They will be involved in the TPS program in service community mobilization initiatives, crime prevention programs, special events, parades, searches for missing persons, and emergency call-outs. TPS also has a student co-op program offered by the Board of Education and Secondary School Institution.

Figure 4. HELP words with different color

Take Action Project – Daily Bread Food Bank

Poverty is a serious and tragic social issue in Toronto. This project is focused on ending hunger and destitution in Canada. People who participate will volunteer by sorting food out or delivering food. This program will provide youth with a new experience and volunteer hours.  Daily Bread was founded in 1983 and became one of the largest food banks in Toronto.  Daily Bread Food Bank is actively getting donations from the GTA and initiating moves to end hunger and poverty in the community.

Figure 5. Men and women put bottles in to recycle beans.

Environmental Volunteer Opportunities – City of Toronto 

Are you interested in saving the earth? Then, go participate in environmental volunteer chances at the City of Toronto. They have seven different programs: live green Toronto, neighborhood climate action champions, 3RS ambassador, community stewardship, tree planting, natural environment trails, and clean Toronto together program. The City of Toronto educates individuals and lets them encourage the community to raise awareness in terms of saving nature.



Here were five amazing volunteer opportunities in Toronto. What are you waiting for? Start volunteering today, build your career, update your resume, and most importantly, find the motivation for your life!
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