EAHA Project: Senior Workshop

EAHA Project: Senior Workshop



Yonge Centre Plus (200 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M2R 3W4)


This workshop is offered in Korean language mainly.

EAHA is a project that allows seniors to look back on their lives where they could not participate in activities because of the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This project allows for seniors to partcipate in balanced education, training and activities. We aim to create a healthy community that alleviates difficulties seniors face.

The EAHA Project recruits senior volunteer leaders to engage in 1) first looking at the need for services that seniors want to participate in and then help them achieve the goals they want to pursue on their own. 2) Emphasis is placed on improving the quality of leaders through intellectual, emotional, and practical education and training for recruitment of senior volunteer leaders. 3) Trained senior volunteer leaders contribute to society through opportunities to develop their initiative, autonomy, self-realization, and vision by producing various creative and expressive works with a sense of ownership.

Senior volunteer leaders help:

  • Helping with workshops for intellectual ability development and emotional ability targeting seniors
  • Seniors gather together to create handmade crafts as a group to strengthen life and motor skills and adaptability
  • Tour, visit and campaign to strengthen relationships with other seniors with works created by seniors

As a senior group activity, we are recruiting seniors to participate in three workshop and traditional gyubang crafts with Dr. Seo, Hwa-ja and a visit to a nursing home from November 7 to December 5, 2023. This senior group activity is an important part of the EAHA project and will provide a great opportunity to strengthen connections with the local community while providing diverse experiences and skills through arts, culture and social participation. Through these activities, seniors can gain lively experiences and have the opportunity to meet new friends through group participation.

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