Senior Talk! Wellness Group

Senior Talk! Wellness Group



Yonge Centre Plus (200 Finch Ave West. Unit 221, M2R 3W4)

Who Can Participate

55 years old or more

The wellness group for seniors, “Senior Talk,” will be held every Tuesday from January 16 to March 19, 2024, for a total of 10 sessions. Seniors aged 55 and above who wish to participate can apply through phone or the website.

A wellness group for seniors is an activity where participants voluntarily gather to share a sense of connection and belonging, share life stories, and encourage each other to gain wisdom, joy, and reward in life. This takes place in an environment where sharing and care coexist, and participants show strength and support to each other.


  • Week 1: Self-introduction and orientation
  • Week 2: Social activities and community service
  • Week 3: “Getting to know myself”
  • Week 4: Physical health/nutrition/exercise
  • Week 5: Emotional and mental health
  • Week 6: How to engage in conversation
  • Week 7: Building relationships
  • Week 8: Hobbies and leisure activities
  • Week 9: Retirement and financial management
  • Week 10: Graduation ceremony

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